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A Startup Storyteller With TV Chops Scours Silicon Alley For Entrepreneurial Tales (Upstart Business Journal)

Neil St. Clair has been telling stories since he was 13 years old. The former television news reporter for NY1 got his start hosting sports talk show called “Panther Power Plays” broadcast from his high school campus (mascot: the Panthers).

“I’ve had this voice since I was about 13 years old,” he said. “And I got hooked.”

His latest media venture: AlleyWire, a bootstrapped video news startup highlighting the work of other startups in New York City (with eventual plans to expand beyond Silicon Alley).

The site, which launched this week, is already stockpiled with profiles of companies in fashion, entertainment, dating and more. The company started shooting video in September 2013 and has since shot about 250 features on startups in and around Silicon Alley. The idea is to introduce startups to consumers with “human-centered stories for real people, not insiders.”

“We like to think we’re standing in the shoes of that consumer asking the CEO the important questions,” he said.

AlleyWire makes its money through its in-house creative services, which includes video marketing for brand (separate from its editorial content), as well as sponsorships.

Watch the video above to hear what inspired St. Clair to jump into business for himself.